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Altitude Accounting Inc., one of Canada’s leading accounting firms provides professional accounting and financial services. In February 2011, Altitude Accounting Inc. became more than just a thought. It became a reality. We aren’t just your typical accounting firm.

"Our mission is to provide clients with innovative tax strategies while providing education to support increased financial well-being."

Have you participated in a Canadian tax strategy, such as GLGI, COIP, MLF, FAST or Park Lane?

Thousands of Canadians like you have encountered complications due to a combination of aggressive CRA tactics, misinformation and in some cases, unscrupulous promoters. As a result, many are now unable to purchase homes or borrow money. Others are being pursued by debt collectors. Almost all are stressed.

Altitude Accounting is one of the only firms that specializes in helping ordinary Canadians like you manage your tax issues due to your participation in tax shelters. We can help you communicate with CRA, file your taxes correctly and better understand your rights and responsibilities under the agreements you signed. We’ll help you complete the required forms to help reduce and even eliminate your burdens.

What our Customers are Saying

  • SB, St. Albert, AB
    “It was a couple of years ago that we brought our tax-related business to Altitude Accounting Inc. Our circumstances were such that filing tax returns for ourselves had become sufficiently complicated, we knew we needed professional help. The staff at Altitude Accounting Inc. have completely taken over this necessary task every year since. We have also authorized them to act as our representatives in every contact with the CRA, thus relieving us of the responsibility to do so, knowing that we have the assurance of ‘Tax Act knowledge’ acting on our behalf. AuditsRUs has proven its competence to us on several occasions. The correspondence with the CRA has demonstrated that their efforts have saved us thousands of dollars. The fees paid for their services are, in our opinion, a small price to pay for the relief of having the taxes filed correctly and to our best advantage every year. We highly recommend Altitude Accounting Inc. to anyone seeking timely competence for all of their tax-related needs.”
    SB, St. Albert, AB
  • AG, Edmonton, AB
    “All of my personal and small business accounting worries vanished when I was introduced to to Altitude Accounting Inc. Their wealth of expertise and knowledge from monthly bookkeeping to representing myself and my business in CRA matters provides real peace of mind with tangible results by allowing me to concentrate on more enjoyable day-to-day tasks. Always prompt with email replies and quick to return telephone calls, the professional ethics demonstrated daily by management and staff is unparalleled. Their “above and beyond” attitude is a refreshing change and makes their reasonable fees a pleasure to pay”
    AG, Edmonton, AB
  • Darren Weeks, entrepreneur, investor and Founder
    “Altitude Accounting Inc. is the most client-friendly firm in Canada’s accounting industry. They’re also among the most innovative. Altitude Accounting Inc.’ team has a platform to serve you regardless of where you are in the country; you don’t need to be in the office with them to receive incredible value. If you are an individual or a small business-owner, use them.”
    Darren Weeks, entrepreneur, investor and Founder
    Fast Track Group
  •  Wanda & Brent Short
    “Three years ago my husband and I were introduced to Altitude Accounting Inc. and have been with them ever since for our business and personal purposes. At all times both Morgan and Jacqueline explain things clearly and are incredibly knowledgeable providing a personal and professional touch. The time and devotion that is given when we walk in the office is absolutely incredible which makes us feel very confident knowing that our business is in the best hands possible. It is terrific doing business with a company that has made such impressive changes over a short time and the importance to be more productive and available for their clients. We see them not only as trusted advisors - using their remarkable acumen in business matters - but also as an extension to our team. As a potential new business owner or existing company I couldn't recommend Altitude Accounting Inc. enough as the perfect support for your new venture or as an alternative with an extremely approachable and professional manner.”
    Wanda & Brent Short
    Grosvenor Coin & Done For You Laundry Services
  • Charles & Leanne Hughes
    After years of accounting nightmares, we found Altitude Accounting Inc.. As small business owners, we needed an accounting firm that understood what it means to be an entrepreneur. They made the experience personal from the beginning. They taught us about our business, helped us understand what deductions we could and could not claim, took care of all CRA correspondence and had our backs when a life threatening illness made our lives chaotic. The team at Altitude Accounting Inc. are second to none. From day one, we felt like part of the family. Their education and support has given us the ability to focus on our business and enjoy being entrepreneurs. We would not be where we are today if we had not found them!
    Charles & Leanne Hughes
    Dragon Rising Consulting Inc.
  •  Ashley Fenrich, Manager
    What can I say about Altitude Accounting? Well, they are top notch in my books! From being extremely easy to work with, to defining what being ‘punctual’ actually means. To having the best customer service and never missing doting an “i”, that’s why we still remain a devoted customer! They fulfil all of our needs and go above and beyond. They are a family of individuals that when together create the ultimate team that you would want behind you!
    Ashley Fenrich, Manager
    The Good Earth Coffee House
  • Keith Morey
    I contacted Altitude Accounting to complete regular tax submissions with rental properties as well as being the liaison with CRA over disputed tax advantage items. I choose Altitude Accounting for their team, confidence and their knowledge of the CRA process. I truly believe this was the best choice for me due to previous experience and personal referrals. They are very accommodating to my needs and have maximized my return value year over year. Altitude Accounting listened to my concerns and opinions and offered real solutions with a personal representative who cares. My results were a great relationship, less stress and more money in my pocket. I no longer worry about whether someone is taking care of my tax needs. I would tell other potential clients that if you want to be treated with respect and like dealing with professional but “Real” people then Altitude Accounting is my choice every time.
    Keith Morey
  • Adilio De Sousa
    Any time I am confused or in need of information, all that's necessary is a quick phone call or visit to Altitude Accounting. I am greeted by Erin, who quickly assures me that my concerns will be addressed as soon as possible by Jacqueline, or another member of their extensive team. Jacqueline is always available in person, or on the phone to answer all my questions and provide information, and always makes the time that is required to take care of my business needs. At the end of the day, I know that my tax concerns are being handled quickly and efficiently, and that I have just received the best service possible.
    Adilio De Sousa
  • Bob Molle
    I contacted Altitude Accounting as I was experiencing CRA difficulties. I spoke to Jacqueline Moir and she got the ball rolling right away. I was impressed with how fast she was able to move and made my situation her top priority. With her assistance and expertise she helped make the process of dealing with CRA a lot easier than I had anticipated. Jacqueline, is very positive and given the situation I was in, helped reassure the issue was fixable and would be dealt with.
    Bob Molle

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