Tax Shelter Accountants

Have you participated in a Canadian tax strategy, such as GLGI, COIP, MLF, FAST or Park Lane? Thousands of Canadians like you have encountered complications due to a combination of aggressive CRA tactics, misinformation and in some cases, unscrupulous promoters. As a result, many are now unable to purchase homes or borrow money. Others are being pursued by debt collectors. Almost all are stressed.

Altitude Accounting is one of the only firms that specializes in helping ordinary Canadians like you manage your tax issues due to your participation in tax shelters. We can help you communicate with CRA, file your taxes correctly and better understand your rights and responsibilities under the agreements you signed. We’ll help you complete the required forms to help reduce and even eliminate your burdens.

We understand your struggle. We know, first-hand, what you’re experiencing

Why? Because our close friends, family and even members of our staff have participated in tax strategies like Global Learning and Gifting Initiative, Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy, Mission Life Financial and Fight Aids Save Taxes. We know how challenging it can be to correspond with Revenue Canada. We know how aggressive debt collectors are. We recognize how confusing it all is.

Our tax shelter accountants are ready to serve you, regardless of where you live in Canada. Although we’re based in St Albert, Alberta, we will work with you over the phone, Skype, email, mail or fax – whatever it takes to assist you with your needs.

So where do we go from here?

Tax Shelter Accountant We know that there are other accountants out there, although none specialize in the aforementioned tax shelters. As such, we invite you to take advantage of a free 20-minute consultation with one of our staff. Tell us about which tax shelter you participated in (there are others besides GLGI, MLF and COIP) and describe the struggles you’re facing. Is CRA refusing to process your tax returns? Are debt collectors hounding you? Are you receiving phone calls on behalf of firms saying that they can help you settle your loans for you for a price? Are these legitimate businesses or are they simply attempting to capitalize on the uncertainty created by participating in a tax shelter?