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Unlike most tax preparation services, we incorporate the latest technology with utmost security to protect your valuable information while being performed by experienced tax professionals in an online format.

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Do the task of your personal tax preparation on your time, within your time frame, with information provided by you to professionals who will do the job in a quick and efficient manner.


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Combining our years of experience along with incorporating state of the art technology, our service makes it easy and fast, with the assurance of confidentiality, to provide a convenient online tax preparation to our clients.


Open Communication


While we are an online service, our professionals are only a click away. We are constantly available to you during the process of your tax preparation. If you have questions or concerns, simply stay in touch with us via e-mail and the communication is open. We constantly keep in touch with our client from the start of the process to the end, AND thereafter, if you need us.


Convenience & Accuracy

We have streamlined the submission system, so it is easy and convenient for you to provide your information. Because we are Canadian Tax Professionals with years of experience, we are confident in our guarantee to provide you with the utmost accuracy.


We guarantee fast and easy online tax return filing experience with 100% satisfaction for your Canadian tax return. 

What can I say about Altitude Accounting? Well, they are top notch in my books! From being extremely easy to work with, to defining what being ‘punctual’ actually means. To having the best customer service and never missing doting an “i”, that’s why we still remain a devoted customer! They fulfil all of our needs and go above and beyond. They are a family of individuals that when together create the ultimate team that you would want behind you!

 Ashley Fenrich, Manager

I contacted Altitude Accounting to complete regular tax submissions with rental properties as well as being the liaison with CRA over disputed tax advantage items. I choose Altitude Accounting for their team, confidence and their knowledge of the CRA process. I truly believe this was the best choice for me due to previous experience and personal referrals. They are very accommodating to my needs and have maximized my return value year over year. Altitude Accounting listened to my concerns and opinions and offered real solutions with a personal representative who cares. My results were a great relationship, less stress and more money in my pocket. I no longer worry about whether someone is taking care of my tax needs. I would tell other potential clients that if you want to be treated with respect and like dealing with professional but “Real” people then Altitude Accounting is my choice every time.

  Keith Morey

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